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Employee Engagement Survey

Through our years of research, we know that not all engagement is created equal. The enthusiasm and commitment of engaged employees must be targeted to create a competitive advantage for the organization. Newmeasures works with clients to design a customized employee engagement survey that is designed to uncover barriers that get may be getting in the way of your organization’s success.

Through our extensive research on engagement, we know:

  • While there are core engagement concepts that apply to every organization (e.g., recognition, communication, development), each organization is unique.
  • Engaged employees feel valued and that the organization is working effectively.
  • The organizational culture, leadership, teams, and individual alignment work together to determine how valued employees feel. When valued and effective, we believe employees are at their most engaged and refer to them as Entrepreneurs. When under-valued and ineffective, employees become consumers.
  • That when people feel valued they are more productive, more innovative, more entrepreneurial, more efficient — more engaged.
  • When people do not feel valued they are more pessimistic and angry, often consuming more from the organization than contributing to the collective effectiveness.
  • Engagement data is most useful when it is viewed in the context of other organizational metrics (e.g., turnover, customer satisfaction, profitability). Linking engagement data to key outcomes provides actionable business intelligence.

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