Improvement Process

The Process: Turn Insight into Action

Newmeasures shows you how to take our unique survey results and turn insight into action.

We understand that survey data is one piece of a big picture. Our experts support you at each step through the entire improvement process, from design through implementation and refinement to monitoring results.

Newmeasures Consulting Model

Define the Business Need

Newmeasures starts the consulting process by learning about your culture and strategic objectives: accelerating your mission is the end-goal of every survey.

Design the Solution

Our team of Industrial Organizational Psychologists creates a customized survey solution for your company featuring our proprietary survey tools.

Administer and Report

Our data collection process is easy and efficient, and our customized reporting is simple to understand and actionable; our proprietary algorithm rank orders engagement drivers to determine the best place to focus improvement efforts.

Facilitate Change

Nobody likes a long action planning “To Do” list to improve survey scores. Our consultants help you understand how to link data to business priorities to get better at the work you are already doing.

Measure Results & Data Integration

Survey data is more powerful when connected to other organizational metrics. Our analysts examine data to assess critical relationships that can impact your company's success.


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