About Us

Built on Inspiration, Driven by Data, Focused on the Human Side of Organizations

Road to SuccessNewmeasures began in 1996, when the founders were working with a Fortune 100 company that had a long (150 questions) employee survey that created more problems than it solved. The survey took forever to fill out, results were delivered in a huge binder of charts and graphs, and managers were left to puzzle out what to do. Usually they did nothing.

The Newmeasures founders determined that they could innovate this process with a short (16 question) valid and reliable survey that took 5 minutes to fill out and pointed managers to effective action quickly. Within 6 months they had created a transformational approach to employee surveying — and Newmeasures was born.

Our Art and Science Can Help Accelerate Your Mission

Over the past decade and a half, Newmeasures has continued to innovate by turning surveys into solutions.

Today we use our proprietary survey tools, unique model of engagement and intelligent reporting solutions to provide organizations with critical data at the right time: information that can identify roadblocks and help remove barriers to success.

We target mission accelerators — culture, leadership, teams and individuals — the four organization levels that are essential to address in order to achieve positive, bottom-line change.